Posted by: elbobo | September 9, 2012

Hatsune Miku Project Diva F Review PS Vita

The Hatsune Miku games are not a rare breed to handheld gamers in Japan, nor are they rare in arcades or on the ps3 in Japan, in fact we can be sure that there is always a new game for the Vocaloid gang on Sony hardware.

Let me start off by saying I had a lot of fun with this rhythm game, having played Final Fantasy Theatrhythm a few months back I had a great time with that also, so does Project Diva f stack up to be as good? Lets take a look.

The main game is basically like watching one big crazy quicktime sequence which gets harder the higher the difficulty.  You start on normal/easy and for each song you complete you unlock its next difficulty level up.


You play the game by inputting sequences of button presses, directional button presses and screen swipes, it really is quite simple to start with and the challenge that you get later on is begging for multiple playthroughs just to see if you can beat your high score.

There are 32 songs in total and I must say I loved the mix here, some of the songs stuck in my head for hours after I had put my Vita down for a break, gems like Black Rock Shooter, Fire Flower and Weekender Girl are just a few of the awesome that is in here.  Each song has it’s own charm and will be sung by one of the 6 Vocaloid characters on offer.  For each successful completion of a song you get Diva points, these are essentially the games currency allowing you to purchase in game items/presents, costumes, extra costume parts, rooms and stuff to put in your rooms.  The Diva room is where you can interact with your Vocaloids, giving them gifts and unlocking events and items such as the gallery, it is a nice touch and keeps you entertained in between songs.  There are also around 70+ costumes/modules to use to customize the look of your Vocaloids, there is a lot of choice and you will find yourself matching costumes to songs with ease.


For a rhythm game like this the controls must be responsive and I am glad to say they are, I can say with certainty that each missed note is my own fault or my hands are too slow to keep up…don’t believe me about how hard the game can be? Check out the below video.

Overall for a rhythm game I was surprised when my save file said 15+ hours and at that point I had done all songs on hard and still had plenty to do.  Thankfully as I said above the track list is really fun and Sega and Crypton did a great job of making the game look great, each character model is well placed into each song and the variety and colour on display is really great in each video, you can watch every song without the gameplay so you can see what you are actually missing whilst you are focused on those notes.

This is a great game for both fans and newcomers alike, there is plenty on offer and the difficulty ramps up just right to make it challenging but possible (even I can do some of the songs on extreme now).  If you have never played a Miku game then this a great one to start with and I highly recommend it

Overall 9/10 definatly a worthwhile import choice.




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