Posted by: elbobo | February 18, 2014

Shin Gundam Musou (Dynasty Warriors gundam 4) Vita Review

So as I stated in my last blog post, the Vita is back and with it the inevitable Gundam game.

Over the years Dynasty warriors style games have managed to become a big part of my gaming habit.  Each one plays much like the last but either A, adds new mechanics or B looks a little better than the last and this is where the new Shin Gundam Musou game comes in.

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 (DWG from now on) was great game, it added a ton of new mechs to the series and used a cel-shaded style that really made the game leap off the screen, so when I heard that the cel-shading was now gone for the next game I was a little sad.  It was not until I got my hands on the game that all was forgiven, not only is the removal of the cel-shading acceptable but this game does improve in many ways on the last game in the series.

Lets start with what I am sad about.  Yes cel-shading is gone, but the overall look of the game is still top notch.  Everything still feels like Gundam, the art style is spot on and every mech feels part of the world you are playing in.

Speaking of the world the level design is much stronger in this version.  Each level is actually a level now not just a string of corridors connecting small rooms.  the level design was DWG3’s biggest issue and its nice to see it get rectified in this version.  Each level feels like it belongs in the Gundam universe, areas consistently feel like they have been ripped from the series they are supposed to represent….also space levels are back and are just as good as ever.

The last thing I am a bit sad about is the official mode.  This mode is supposed to follow the stories of a specific series and if I am honest it does it really well…my issue is that it feels too short at times.  It is possible to run a series official mode in around an hour or so and lets not forget to add that of the 6 official modes available 2 are for Gundam seed and seed destiny.  each of these 6 official modes sees you go through their respective anime story lines (loved the Gundam Unicorn one BTW)  and it is really good but at times it feels like a lot is missed out to get you to the end.  It is when you consider that the game has 120+…yes that is 120+ Gundam models that you realize that only 6 official modes is  a bit too little.  yes the game makes up for this with its ultimate mode (this is where you will spend most of your time) with its 20 odd what if stories, but still kinda wish they had an official mode for each major series.  It’s not too much of a downer, as I said there is plenty to play and plenty to unlock.

Right negatives gone, lets talk mechs.

120+ suits to play as….this number is massive for a game like this.  Nearly every major series is represented here and there really is something for everyone, even mobile armor…that’s right mobile armor is playable.  Wanna do a mission as the Psycho Gundam mk2, well you can and its really good fun.  Each Gundam handles great and the games pace never slows down, even on the Vita’s small screen you can wade through 100+ enemies on screen at once and never see it slow down.  The game never skips a beat and feel right at home on the Vita.  Add to this the soundtrack, of which all tracks are mostly from the series they represent and you get a really great feeling and sounding Gundam game. (nothing like saving white base with the original Gundam music  playing in the background)

This game is pure DW joy as always and that is the one thing that makes it more than worth the purchase.  Each iteration of this series is fun to play and is accessible to everyone.  The difficulty feels really balanced and the amount of choice on offer is just wonderful.  There is plenty on offer here to keep you entertained, I find it a shame that I can’t get the DLC for it (thanks for the region issue Sony) and yet still I don’t find this game lacking for content.  Although I am still at a loss as to why in a game like this they still refuse to add in the Gundam Exia…yes the Exia, 00 is great and the Quan-t as DLC is fine but for the love of god why not the Exia, it is a melee Gundam give us that please…ok I am moaning but I really want the Exia in this sort of game.  In fact the only series that is not represented is the AGE series

Overall this is pure DW joy and like the game Dynasty Warriors next it shows that Vita is a viable home for this type of game.  As always the DW guys show just how viable the Vita is as a gaming console, Roll on DW8 Complete.

Score is 9/10 for fans 7/10 for everyone else

(Sorry for lack of images not on my pc)



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