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Episode 50


With the war between the Geth and Quarians finally Shepard turns her attention back to the Reapers, and a mysterious message from the Asari Councillor…

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Episode 49

Robot Wars

With tensions between the Geth an Quarians coming to a head, Shepard takes out the Reaper single on the Quarian homeworld Rannoch to end things once and for all, but now the fate of two civilisations rests in her hands

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Episode 48

Digital Rogue

With Legion’s help, Shepard enters the Geth Consensus to shut down a server hub. However she also finds information about the Geth’s war with the Quarians.

No vote this week, but check back next week when Shepard leads the final assault on the Quarian homeworld!

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Episode 48

One Man’s Worth

Koris has been found, and now Shepard much get him to safety and plan the next stage of the Quarian/Geth conflict.

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Episode 47

Bad Reception

Shepard and her crew launch a desperate rescue mission to save Admiral Krois, vital to the survival of the civilian fleet, from the Geth.

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Shore Leave: Kasumi’s Four

Shepard stumbles upon Kasumi, keeping her skills sharp in the casino.

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Shore Leave: A Star is Defrosted

Javik needs helps with a vid to boost moral, however it’s a little more fictional then anticipated

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Episode 46

Attack on Dreadnought

Shepard makes contact with the Quarians and is reunited with Tali. She learns that the Quarians have launch a final desperate battle against the Geth which turned south when the Geth went to the Reapers for help. Now Shepard must lead a dangerous mission on a Geth dreadnought to disable the Reaper signal.

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Shore Leave: Liara’s Song

Liara heads over to Shepard’s apartment for a musical interlude

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Shore Leave: Computer Shopping

Shepard engages in some retail therapy with EDI.

I’ll be uploading some, more or fewer of the short character moments from the Citadel now and again in between episodes. Enjoy!

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