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Episode 60

An End Once and For All

With all her battles behind her, Serenity Shepard’s journey ends as the Galaxy is remade. The threat of the Reapers is finally over.

Thanks to everyone who watched and voted.

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Episode 59

End of the Line

Serenity Shepard is finally at the end of her journey, and after fighting though Geth, Collectors, Mercs, Cerberus and Reapers one final choice lies before her, to decide the fate of a galaxy

Control – Shepard can use the power of the Crucible to take control of the Reapers, sacrificing her body to stop the harvest

Destroy – Shepard can destroy the Reapers once and for all, but also the Geth and any other synthetic life, including her own implants

Synthesis – With the Crucible fully intact, Shepard can use it to combine all life and end the cycle

Reject – Shepard can ignore the solution and try to defeat the Reapers conventionally, dooming the civilisations of this cycle.

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Episode 58

Long Goodbyes

Shepard has once last chance to speak with her crew before beginning the assault to reach the Citadel and defeat the Reapers once and for all!

To vote on Shepard’s Squad for the final assault, CLICK HERE!

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Episode 57

London Calling

The end is in sight for Serenity Shepard and her crew as the Normandy leads the fleets of the galaxy to Earth for the final showdown with the Reapers.

Check back next week for a new episode!

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Episode 56

Carpe Jugulum

Serenity Shepard goes for the throat as she attempts the end Cerberus once and for all and reclaim the information on the Catalyst to complete the Crucible. But the Catalyst is not what she expected and someone stands in her way.

Check back next week as we begin the final chapter and Take Earth Back!


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Episode 55

Carpe Diem

Before the final battle begins against The Reapers and Cerberus, Shepard calls her crew, past and present, together for one last get together.

Check back next week when we begin the final assault on Cerberus!

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Episode 54

Sanctuary For All

Serenity Shepard follows the only lead to Cerberus and investigates the supposed safe-haven of Sanctuary. With time running out, will she find what she need to take down Cerberus and stop the Reapers?

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Episode 53

Dust Off

With Thessia lost, Shepard must rally herself and her crew in preparation for the last ditch effort to retrieve the information on the catalyst from Cerberus.

Check back next week when Shepard assaults Sanctuary!

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Episode 52

Against the Tide

Shepard and her crew head for the Asari homeworld of Thessia for information to help complete the crucible, but they find it under reaper attack! Also, it someone may have beaten them too it…


As we finally approach the final chapter the voting for choice’s may get a little thin on the ground, but keep checking back each Friday. Figure there are about 6-7 episodes left.

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Episode 51

A Pause for Breath

Having brokered a historic peace between the Geth and Quarians, Shepard catches up with some crew members on the Citadel, and Miranda her a request…

To vote on weather Shepard should give her Alliance Intelligence, CLICK HERE!

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